The Bangkokians lied to me

From Thairath, March 6, 2013
Left, the Thai letters read: Poll
Pollster: The Bangkokians lied to me. [this was the excuse given as to why all the polls showed the Pheu Thai leading the Bangkok Governor’s election]
Right, Thaksin: You lie to me.
[What is Thaksin referring to and what is the joke?]

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2 Responses to The Bangkokians lied to me

  1. Wisarut says:

    This one is referring to fact that Ai maew has been FOOLED by the poll result so he has come up with totally wrong strategies to help Big Judy to win BMA governor.

  2. Vinai says:

    the Pollster lied to Thaksin to get the money from him

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