The bad omens of 2005 are building

OVERDRIVE: The bad omens of 2005 are building - The Nation, April 1, 2005
[This unusual article seems strange in English, but is a great example of the prophecy-type articles that often share front page space with 'serious' articles in Thai-language newspapers.]
...Morality has really been turned upside down. The people are indifferent to sin (mai mee khuam la ai to bab). This is another bad omen. The youth do not want to learn and like to enjoy life beyond their means. Politicians and businessmen have no respect for the old values. They want quick money.
...These bad omens might not add up to 16, the amount cited in the old prophecy in which King Pasendi in Nibata Jataka talked with Lord Buddha. Still they are bad omens that all Thais have to watch for if they want to avert the catastrophe just beyond the horizon. The prophecy has been written whether you like it or not.
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