The Attorney General Committing Suicide

From Thairath, July 16, 2012
The cartoon title reads: Life sucks! [the Thai word is “tadtorn” which is used when some significant thing was obtained unfairly]
Left: Sign on the building: The Office of the Attorney-General
The man says: Judge [referring to the Attorney General], why you are going to commit suicide?
The mouse holds a sign: Distorted justice
Middle: The man on the building says: I have no work to do. I am meaningless. I’d better die.
The man says: There are many pending cases [for you]
Right: The man says: The Constitutional Court seized them all.
[This refers to the controversy over the Constitutional Court taking petitions directly from citizens instead of only receiving them via the Attorney General. This surprise circumstance allowed the courts to suddenly intervene in the government’s push to rewrite the constitution where previously the government had assumed it controlled the flow of petitions via the Attorney General.]

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