The assessment of the fight of the people and the summary of lessons

The assessment of the fight of the people and the summary of lessons - Summarized from Red Power, Column: Rasprasong [the name of the column uses words that refer to the will of the people], November, 2010

[This is a very rough summary. Like most of the Red Shirt writing, it is filled with lofty and vague revolutionary rhetoric and some mind-boggling contentions.]

An assessment from 2007 to the present: State agencies assessed the incidents with one mind set, but the people are basing their assessments on their own opinions. The calls are divided between calling for an end to the fighting and calling to continue to fight with weapons. The main lesson and evaluation of the popular struggle is that the right goal will lead to an elevation of the popular fight.

Regarding the disagreements and conflicts among the democratic red fighters, it should be understood that arms and weapons is not part of the "Red in the Land" movement as they are a popular democratic movement and are not trying to create a coup [overthrow the government].

"Red in the Land" contains various opinions that differ. This might be because the individuals are not unified at leadership level of each different group. The liberal movement therefore needs patience and time for development, likewise, the lesson of the demonstrations needs a factual shared vision and understanding of organizational truth at every level.

Knowledge creation and the voices from academics and intellectuals are important to intensifying the popular movement in the future. The growth of the red democratic movement proves the failure of the ruling government and the conservatives who contend that red shirts are working for Thaksin. Their mistaken conclusion led to the wrong actions against the Red Shirt people--like their cruel crackdown order.

As for the people, we need to have right opinions that will lead to the right conclusion that contains the least flaws. The discussion on win and loss from the past is still ongoing. Each group will have to further discuss the right track to reach the summary that promotes the truth. This will enable us to devise the next steps for the popular movement.
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