The architect of Thaksinomics takes the reins of the Thai economy

Czar wars: The sequel – Nikkei Asian Review, September 24, 2015
…”I want to cross this difficult period and revitalize confidence,” the 62- year-old told the Nikkei. He said a primary concern is boosting purchasing power, particularly for some 30 million people who depend on agriculture and have been seriously set back by falling commodity prices. “It’s like our body looks OK but the pulse is not strong enough…”

Also: Semantics and Thailand’s political divide
…To be sure, Thaksin’s populist success was really a one-hit wonder. Subsequent populist schemes, particularly the rice-pledging, first-car, and first-home subsidies and rebates under his sister Yingluck Shinawatra and the Pheu Thai Party, were fiscally and conceptually unsustainable and unsound, designed expediently for the July 2011 due to a lack of time and a lack of ingenuity and innovation that bred the first-generation populism from 12 years earlier…

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