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From Manager, October 31, 2016
Black box: left: Monday’s long cartoon story, by Bancha/Kanin
Title: Naughty boy

[The cartoonist expresses the viewpoint of many who objected to the actions of those who openly wore red shirts after the passing of the King or took the opportunity to criticize the monarchy–particularly online.
Threats to openly oppose the institution have been part of Red Shirt tactics and anti-monarchy sentiment has long been fostered in the movement to pressure the Thai establishment into pardoning Thaksin and letting him return to power.
The heightened sense of nationalism after the passing of the King led to some violent threats and altercations involving those who insulted the monarchy. Some human rights defenders then complained to international institutions that the junta was not letting them have their freedom of speech.
Thais are usually not good at explaining what they value and why they value it, but the cartoonist shows how traditional impulses toward propriety, knowing one’s place, and societal politeness always trump freedom of speech issues in Thailand.]


Suppose… there is a funeral of your respected relative…


Left: People are sad while listening to the monk’s sermon…
Right: Then, a naughty boy… wearing a colorful dress comes to the temple.


Suddenly, he’s starting to insult a person who died


But people… at first ignore it… because they don’t want to destroy the atmosphere. But, the naughty boy is insulting more and more with strong words.


Left: Finally, one of the sons of person whom died can’t be patient…. He throws a glass at him.
Right: Ouch!


Black box: The naughty boy is touching his bleeding head and running from the temple. He insulting along the way.
A naughty boy: So barbarous…. [This is] Conservatism–not liberalism!


Black box: …he comes back home and tell his dad.
Naughty boy: I only used my liberal rights to insult dead people… Those people, on the other hand, used the dictator’s power to bully me.


Left: Dad is listening… he would be on his son’s side… but?
Right: The naughty boy has a good dad.
Dad: What! You did like that?


Dad: Don’t you know an appropriate way to act? It’s good that they only threw a glass at you. If I were their son, I would kill you!!! It’s like parents don’t even teach you not to do that.


Too bad… many naughty boys in this country don’t have good parents like this.

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