The animals that tabled Thaksin’s amnesty bill


From Thairath, September 23, 2016
Left: The NACC will punish 40 former Pheu Thai Party MPs who tabled the controversial amnesty bill…
Middle, groups of animals: How can Mr. Watchara say “don’t be afraid if you’re the ‘real gold.'”
Two men: Then, why don’t you have to be afraid of?
Right: Only Pantongtae survives while others will be doing wrong!!
(Sent by Nik Pongpoo) [name of the person who suggested the cartoon idea to the cartoonist]

[Refers to Thai idiom “real gold” or “tongtae” in Thai meaning pure or innocent. The cartoon compares the sound of the word “tongtae” to the sound of the name of Thaksin’s son–“Pantongtae.”
The cartoon refers to the investigation by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of 40 former members of parliament from Pheu Thai Party for abuse of authority when they supported the 2013 amnesty bill and put the bill forward for deliberation.
The cartoon illustrates the widely held belief that Thaksin’s son was behind the organization and control of Pheu Thai MPs to work in unison for Thaksin’s amnesty and other contentious issues designed to benefit his family. However, he seems to have escaped being part of the investigation this time.
This is likely intentional, as it is an attempt to separate Thailand’s ruling class from the patronage of the Shinawatra family and show that those who act on Thaksin’s behalf will be ruined. If Pantongtae were part of the investigation, it would create a common cause between the MPs and the Shinawatra family. As it is, the MPs are being made to think twice before staking their political lives on Thaksin’s behalf while they are entangled in legal cases and the Shinawatras are free.

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