The Angst of Being Thaksin

Thanks to nearly everyone for sending the link to this… A amazingly concise overview of how Thaksin might possibly feel…

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  1. martin cain says:

    The text is perfect. Well done

    It is bad for the UK to be so directly involved in the affairs of the Kingdom. Really I am very concerned about the attempts by Cameron and Hague to force YingLuck to resign as PM. I am not a member of Pheu Thai. I think it is that horrible little Hugo Swire’s revenge for this delightful Thai lady refusing to speak to him. You know what Old Etonians are like. I really think something should be said about this in Europe especially about Hague using the Queen’s representative in Thailand in such a disgraceful manner.

  2. %%% says:


  3. Wiz says:

    The Angst of Being Thaksin? Let Ai maew and UDD men get the real Götterdämmerung like Götterdämmerung – Berlin 1945

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