The ambassador takes on lese majeste


From Komchadluek, December 3, 2015
[The cartoon depicts new U.S. Ambassador Glyn Davies and his comments on Thailand’s lese majeste laws. The cartoonist perhaps is suggesting the United States does not appreciate the real depth of love for royalty in Thailand.]

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2 Responses to The ambassador takes on lese majeste

  1. Wiz says:

    Why Uncle Sam keeps going mad when why we are trying to make the new power balance that fits our own national interest –
    After all, our own national interests are going against Uncle Sam’s national interests

    After all, we should consult with Indian government to learn all about USA and China along with Russia and Middle East
    If you badly want to know what Uncle Sam is thinking and doing, we better ask Russian and Mainland Chinese government
    If you want to know more about China and Russia, better read the works of Uncle Sam.

    However, the major assessment of the near future and the way to make your own standpoint, better listen to Singapore who always take advantage and keep slapping a price tag for information to be shared
    If you want to hear the big boast of power, just simply listen to what Ozzy and EU are talking
    If you want to listen the way of Asian thinking, better listen to China

    Worse, the critical piece of Uncle Sam strategy in Asia has been utterly wrecked after the coup of 2014 – even after cutting hundreds million Baht of Military aids cannot bring down the Junta.

    When the one who runs Pentagon said 18 month transition period is too long, this implication means Uncle Sam must have something against Mainland China which means they have to find the new puppet to replace Junta at all cost in 2016 which will caused the bad legacy for President Obama

    No wonder why the one who runs Pentagon gone mad when there is a coup in Thailand in 2014 – a big embarrassment for Uncle Sam to the point that Uncle Sam want to so the reprisal against Thailand at all cost and doing to the bitter end.

    Worse still, US think tanks have warned Uncle Sam that the longer they are showing bad relationship with Thailand, the more Thai government and Thai people are going to embrace red dragon – only turning the balance of power upside down.
    This is especially true for the pivot policy (AKA Chinese encirclement) – never forget that Uncle Sam consider Mainland China, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam as the same group and the missing piece of Thailand as a critical part of the Pivot policy is the real humiliation as Uncle Sam never expects to gain a quick trust from the new alliance like Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma – Do you want to rely on Japan to encircle china, Nope Japan has too much burden and the war will hurt Japan a lot – even South Korea has a hard time to deal with North Korea despite the ongoing cracks within North Korea Even the reliance on Pinoy means the long civil war in Mindanao will never put to rest in peace.

    Uncle Sam has to rely on U-Tapao, Laem Chabang (if Not Sattahip), Takli AFB, Khorat AFB, Hatyai AFB, Chiang Mai AFB, Khorat AFB, Phitsanuloke AFB as the main base fo this encirclement. Even Singapore has to rely on Inwasa Camp in Kanchanaburi for regular training of Singapore Aimed Forces in addition to the AFBs mentioned above. Without the weather station in U-Tapao, it is impossible to run the Drone Attacks against red dragon just like they have done in Pakistan and Yemen without the around the clock data from the weather station in U-Tapao.

    the Foot in the mouth and faux pas acts by US Ambassadors in Thailand now have alarmed many top brasses in Pentagon other than the one who runs Pentagon. there is cyber warfare against China from Thai bases but few have ever known about it – and the way Uncle Sam keep attacking Junta ONLY draw Thai people to pay serious attention on Uncle Sam policy and it will be even greater humiliation for Uncle Sam if Thai government tells Uncle sam that Thailand would take neutral ground for the ongoing conflicts of Uncle Sam vs Red Dragon including the case of 21 century pacific rim vs. SCO from Shang Hai

    Uncle Sam, Thai people can be easily brought to the negotiation table but you should have known long before that Thai people have fed up with those politicians who are talkative, make a fast and massive hate speech with full of rudeness and nonsense along with the insult on the intelligence of the listeners. Thai people never thought that Uncle Sam are from the same boats (share the same nature) as our dread and crook politicians.

    What Thai people badly want is all about National Security and It is necessary to to remind your that human rights and democracy is always the domestic affairs, never to become international affairs and Uncle Sam keep pretending.
    Uncle Same better send the diplomats who know who to make pleasant speech and give a good and easy to understand messages just like your own grandfathers who worked as US envoys for Siam had done before.
    Those from Republican who are not those Neocons would be the right choices for US Envoy in Thailand – need to be more flexible to be able to get along with the Asians, not being stuck with unattainable and impractical principals
    as those Democrat keep doing.

  2. Wiz says:

    Since EU countries including Germany have strong interests in China and Russia, so they would decline to do anything harms toward Russia and China to please Uncle Sam.

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