That day, someone died

From Thairath, August 9, 2011
Cartoon title: That day, someone died.
Left: The soldier holding the piece of paper that has “CRES Order” written on it says: The boss ordered us to use shotguns. [CRES = Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation]
The other soldier says: The shotguns are all being used in other government duties, so I’m using its mother instead. [meaning they will use a much bigger gun]
At the bottom it says The base says “sniper” and the gun makes sound “bang bang.” [The soldier’s helmets look a little like German WWII helmets.]
Right: The first soldier says: Hey! They order us to aim below the knees.
The other soldier says: So what? I do aim lower than ‘my’ knees.
Sign on the barbed wire: Real-bullets zone
Sign: Ratchaprasong
Paper under the corpse’s foot: Democracy
Paper under the corpse’s hand: We demand justice

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