Thanks from all the Pa

From Manager, March 16, 2017
The men say: We have been humiliated for long time from the waiter boys… the valet parking boys, the toilet massage boys… who have been forcing us to be “Pa” unwillingly… we all want to support you Mr. Anusorn that you have come out to protect our pride… all senior men who looks elegant.
Caption: This story of bravery… receives love from all the “Pa.”

[This refers sarcastically to Mr. Anusorn (at right), member of the National Reform Steering Assembly, who slapped a waiter who referred to him as “Pa,” meaning a wealthy older man–often one wearing ostentatious designer clothes in an attempt to appear hip and young. While not necessarily an insult, some Thai men take offense at this term, considering it to mean they are elderly and showy.]

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