Thanks for the hug, Prayuth

From Manager, November 29, 2019
School girl: Mom!!… PM uncle Tu, he hugged me!!
Signs at the right, from left to right: Gone bankrupt; Gone bankrupt; Close the business; Close
Man with sign at left: Sell out immediately. Very cheap.

[In a recent publicity tour PM Prayuth tried to show his common touch by meeting schoolchildren.
Military men like Prayuth cultivate a stern, untouchable image, berating reporters in public and expecting a sense of fearful respect from those they interact with. This is a fully expected social norm.
Thus it is a calculated photo-op to have Prayuth meeting informally with school children and even hugging them.
The cartoonist contrasts this with the dire state of the economy, suggesting Prayuth does not have the skills or perhaps the awareness to realize the struggles people are having to endure.]

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