Thanathorn must learn from Thaksin

From Manager, May 2, 2019
Thaksin: If you didn’t show off… and instead gave an excuse such as “wrongdoing without intention…” then it would end… you won’t face an attack… or being exposed like this… Thai people are easily fooled…!
Caption: Your idol needs to teach you today.

[Refers to Future Forward party’s leader Thanathorn who faces a share-violation claim that could disqualify him as a politician.
The cartoon ridicules him as he seems to have provided unclear or even incriminating information. This caused the local media to further investigate the case rather than focusing mainly on the ruling junta for its blatant attempts to disqualify him.

In the cartoon Thaksin tells Thanathorn that he should have instead followed his example, as when Thaksin famously defended illegal acts by saying “I did something wrong, but did so without ill-intention.”

The public seemed to sympathize and accept this direct addressing of the situation and he continued on as PM.]

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