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From an image circulated on social media.

Top left: Overthrow the religion
[Refers to Dhammachayo, abbot of Dhammakaya temple. Thaksin’s political movement has long worked closely with the Dhammakaya movement to attempt to exert influence over the traditional Thai Buddhist hierarchy. The Dhammakaya movement’s claim that monetary donations to its temple creates merit is an anathema to older traditional Buddhism, but is appealing to a wide range of upwardly mobile classes in Thailand. The recent attempts to install a Dhammakaya-friendly Supreme Patriarch as sparked a power struggle in Thai Buddhism.]

Top middle: Overthrow the country
[Refers to former PM Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh. Recently, he urged the junta to conduct elections this year. Over the years, Chavalit’s statements on behalf of Thaksin have been designed to demonstrate that the military is divided and is not universally opposed to Thaksin’s return. This strike at the claim of Thai military unity is a potent accusation coming from a former commander-in-chief of the army.]

Right: Overthrow the monarchy
[Refers to Rose, an exiled Red Shirt who has been a vocal critic of the monarchy.]

Middle left: Overthrow the country
[Refers to former head of Pheu Thai Party Yongyuth Wichaidit who is facing a graft probe while interior minister in 2012.]

Middle, around Thaksin’s photo: Overthrow the country, overthrow the religion, overthrow the monarchy
[Refers to Thaksin’s alleged wide-ranging ambitions since he emerged on the political scene. His tactics usually appeared to be attempts to subvert other centers of power that might resist his reforms of the Thai system.]

Right: Overthrow the country
[Refers to Sudarat Keyuraphan, Pheu Thai member who Thaksin, early February, appeared to anoint as Pheu Thai Party head and thus his next prime minister choice.]

Bottom right: Overthrow the monarchy
[Refers to Jakrapbo Penkair who has been in exile since the coup. Once a spokesperson for Thaksin, he became a prominent and outspoken critic of the monarchy.]

Bottom middle: Overthrow the religion
[Refers to Phra Methee Dhammacharn who conducted a seminar to support Somdej Chaung to be the new Supreme Patriarch. This event sparked a clash between thousands of monks and the soldiers.]

Bottom left: Overthrow the country
[Refers to two prominent Red Shirt leaders, Nattawut and Jatuporn. They remain the most public face of the Red Shirts and have called on their followers to reject the new constitution.]

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