Thaksin’s time

From Manager, June 20, 2017
Top left, Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: 9 o’clock in the morning… It’s time to set up a mob. [a protest group]
Top right, one of the Red Shirt “men in black”: It’s 7 pm… It’s time to shoot people.
Bottom left, Red Shirt protester: It’s 2 pm… It’s time to burn the city.
Bottom right, military hospital bomber: It’s 5 pm… It’s time to bomb.
Caption: Those people use the same watch brand.

[This cartoon attempts to connect the military hospital bomber to the wider activities of the Red Shirts and thus Thaksin.
The hospital bomber suspect, while being both a Red Shirt and Thaksin supporter, denied he was ordered to carry out his bombings and was acting on his own.]

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