Thaksin Shifts the Focus to Himself

This was a strange few days for Thaksin.

For months all eyes were on Gen. Prayuth. The narrative for Thailand had been about the “paranoid” general, his supposedly slipping power, and how a return to democracy must immediately happen to improve the economy.

Then came the Thaksin interview from Seoul (Thaksin says Privy Council ordered Suthep to protest and the military to stage a coup) that cast events in the same Thaksin-centric light that has been defining politics since before the coup in 2006.

Coupled with the emergence of old hand Chavalit to show solidarity with the Red Shirts, these moves by Thaksin are the same sorts of gambits he has been running since before the 2006 coup.

For those waiting to see a pro-Thaksin strategy emerge, Thaksin’s statements are nothing new at all, and only provided a perfect pretext to shift the focus from the junta to Thaksin and seize his passports at the same time.

The Red Shirt demand for a referendum also backfired. After acceding to the referendum, elections were pushed back at least six more months and promises were made that the military would maintain power in the event of a “no” vote to manage the drafting of a updated charter.

All of this also shows there are no backstage negotiations going on. The military is simply showing its resolve, not to the Thai public or international community, but to the political class, that it has the ability to resist Thaksin influence this time.

Thaksin may face lese majeste charge – Bangkok Post, May 27, 2015

Thai Govt Revokes Thaksin’s Passports, Citing ‘Damaging’ Interview – Khaosod, May 27, 2015

Thaksin raps coup ‘masterminds’ – Bangkok Post, May 22, 2015
…”The armed forces listen to privy counsellors. When they did not want us to stay in power, they ordered Suthep (Thaugsuban) to come out and ordered the armed forces to help (Suthep),” Thaksin told Choson Media in Seoul on Wednesday…

And meanwhile: Thai elections pushed back to Sept 2016: Junta – AFP, May 27, 2015

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5 Responses to Thaksin Shifts the Focus to Himself

  1. Wiz says:

    Finally, MFA has to cancel 2 passports of Ai Maew (No. U957441 and No. Z530117) after the anti Junta Speech to South Korean media – effective on 26 May 2015

  2. Wiz says:

    Reminder to Ai Maew and Co.:

    You love Ai Maew – I Love our father
    You are willing to die for Ai Maew – I have a will to die for our father who is our lord of life
    You had better live in exile in Dubai rather than running separatist movements because This is Thailand, the land of our father!

  3. Wiz says:

    For sake of our father and our motherland, Ai Maew must live in exile for the rest of his life – never want Ai Maew’s money to safe us from starvation

  4. Wiz says:

    Khun Pracha Booraphawithee has warned that the way Junta mouthpieces are smearing against those Anti Junta at Pathum Wan intersection only driving more people into the fold of UDD terrorists as they are really the ones who are suffering from those mine owners who have connection with Junta – interesting fact that Mr Man and Mr Tam who are the leaders of Anti Junta movements at Pathum Wan intersection used to joint with PAD during PAD movement in 2008.

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