Thaksin’s slave or dog tick?

From Thairath, June 3, 2017
Title: The same blood
On the leg: NCPO [the junta]
Ticks: Preed Preed [a sound of whistle referring to the protests that paralyzed the previous Pheu Thai government]
Tick on the right: Being a “dog’s tick” is better than being Thaksin’s slave!
On the whistle: PDRC [the protest group that fought against the Pheu Thai government]
Phi Nooring: [They] Announce a person who they can rely on again
Mouse: Good people

[Refers to the disclosure of a Line chat between Democrat member Theptai Seanapong and his friend criticizing some party members–particularly the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) group–who seem to favor the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) leading the next government.
The cockroaches are used to represent the Democrat Party, derided by their opponents as being difficult to eradicate.
A tick has a slang meaning to indicate a person who replies on another for his own benefit. The cartoonist uses it to refer to the PDRC protesters who were instrumental in in overthrowing the Pheu Thai-led government.
The title, “The same blood,” means that the Democrat Party members share the same idea about relying on others for gaining benefits and power for themselves.]

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