Thaksin’s Set Zero

From Komchadluek, November 1, 2013
Thaksin: Don’t come closer!!! I only want to ‘Set Zero’

From Thairath, October 29, 2013
Title: Set Zero…
Men from left to right: Start to count down… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Zero

[“Set Zero” is a term used by Thaksin to describe the intent of the amnesty bill to set things back to zero for everyone with no legal charges or accusations. In traditional Thai style this means to absolve all from blame so that no finger pointing or loss of face might cause the accused parties–be they Thaksin or the Democrats–to act out violently (as would be expected in the Thai world).
However, the blanket amnesty had the opposite effect. After a long period of government carte blanche in passing legislation and even wholesale rewriting of the constitution, the blanket amnesty gave the fractured opposition a reason to unite.
The Red Shirts, designed as a force to march to Bangkok and defend the government in times of crisis, are apparently fractured and disheartened because a key drumbeat of their movement–that their protest dead will be avenged–has been bargained away for Thaksin amnesty just as their critics long warned.
Here, the cartoonist likens “set zero” as the moment a bomb goes off since amnesty that includes Thaksin is a political powder-keg.]

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