Thaksin’s servant

From Thairath, June 24, 2018
Thaksin: I would not allow my sister to be in jail even one day or one second! [after Yingluck fled, the media cited confidential sources as contending that Thaksin said this about his sister]
Man in cell: You must understand, Boonsong… you are just his servant… not his sister.

[The man is former Commerce Minister under the Pheu Thai. He, and several other officials, including PM Yingluck, were facing jail time for the rice price support scheme.
Yingluck’s lawyers repeatedly said she was happy to let the courts decide and would never flee the country like Thaksin had. Red Shirts and other Thaksin supporters at the time also played up the idea that the Pheu Thai was in the right and was willing to demand their day in court.
However, on a critical court date, Yingluck suddenly vanished. The other Pheu Thai officials were in court and were jailed. So while Thaksin is unwilling to have his family members in jail, there is no protection at all for his supporters.
This attitude caused disappointment. It once again left Thaksin loyalists holding the bag and facing long prison terms while Yingluck presumably left for luxury shopping trips in Europe.
It also recalled earlier incidents where many Thaksin supporters ended up in jail for a variety of complaints including corruption and lese majeste while Shinawatra family members were seemingly unwilling to submit themselves to the same risks as their supporters.]

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