Thaksin’s Road Up the Mountain

From Manager, May 28, 2012
Man: You dismissed them [the Red Shirts] like that… but if you can’t reach your destination, when you come back, they won’t help you.
Thaksin: Wooo… those people are stupid, I will come back and deceive them shortly and then I can use them the same as before.

[This refers to a Thaksin quote from his video link to the Red Shirts recently when he said, “Today walk to the destination… you don’t need to carry a boat to send me to the hill.” This meant that the Red Shirts could relax and stop taking action as their duty to Thaksin was at an end since Thaksin was in a position to return to Thailand. This bargaining away of accountability for Red Shirt protest deaths led to dissension in the Red Shirt ranks.]

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