Thaksin’s new politicians are overpriced

From Manager, June 17, 2020
Left: Bag; To take care of you like you are a family member
Pink box: PAO Lumphun
Right: Group; Creative for moving Thailand
Red box: Dubai city [as if Thaksin is sending this care package to Thailand from his home in Dubai]
Caption: Things in bags… are overpriced.

[Refers to the new group called CARE founded by former Pheu Thai and Thai Rak Thai politicians. CARE stands for Creative, Action, Revival and People Empowerment and is made up of Thaksin loyalists.
Across Thai media, this new grouping received an unusual amount of skepticism and ridicule. The group was promoted as a sort of progressive movement in the same way that Thanathorn’s Future Forward Party once was. However, it is composed of technocrat businessmen and politicians who are so close to Thaksin that they have their own nickname–“Thaksin’s brain.” These people did not speak up on progressive issues before nor supported Thanathorn and his new political movement when it was at his height.
The cartoonist jokes that the cost to Thaksin of assembling this new political grouping may not be worth it. It compares the CARE grouping to the scandalously overpriced covid-19 aid bags provided by the Provincial Administrative Organization in Lamphun.]

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