Thaksin’s monks


From Manager, February 17, 2016
Monk: Do not disturb Buddhist activities.
On the water tank: Pipeline to support Dhammakaya.
Caption: Disallow these ordinary people.

[This refers to recent clashes of monks with the military in attempt to protest the stalling of the appointment of a new Supreme Patriarch.
This is related to politics and fears that a sect of Buddhism that supports Thaksin could take control of Thailand’s Buddhist hierarchy.
Support for political activities is often portrayed as the flow of water as it is in this cartoon. Here, the monks who act on Thaksin’s behalf to agitate for a new Supreme Patriarch push away Red Shirts from the flow of support from Thaksin.]

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One Response to Thaksin’s monks

  1. Wiz says:

    This is a clear sign that UDD leaders no longer get funds for their political activities from Ai Maew so they are starting to look for the fund from Dhammakaya and men power from those thugs in saffron clothes like Ai Phra Methee (shown as the one who kicked Ai Too)

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