Thaksin’s Lackey

From Manager, July 1, 2013
Tattoo on arm of man on the left: Nong Joom [supposed to be a nickname of his former girlfriend]
Man: The problem is when Nong Joom left me, I’ve tried to have it erased… but I can’t!!!
Right: Tattoo on Chalerm’s forehead: Thaksin’s lackey
Chalerm: Yes… I feel exactly the same!!!
Caption: The problems of people with tattoos
[Former Deputy PM Chalerm Ubamrung took many bold stances to push for Thaksin amnesty, going to far as to declare himself “Thaksin’s lackey.” However, despite his public display of willingness to carry on the Thaksin agenda, he was shifted to Labor Minister in the last reshuffle. This humiliation seemed to indicate he was out of the key power group guiding the government. His public pronouncements for Thaksin coupled with his alleged disgruntlement about losing a Deputy PM post, means his political fortunes are on the wane and he will have to rethink his positions to be a viable political player in the future.]

From Manager, July 2, 2013
Left: She demoted me from deputy prime minister to labor minister.
Left caption: Negative thinking
Right: She promoted from a lackey… to a laborer.
Right caption: Positive thinking

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