Thaksin’s former wife visits Burmese astrologer to ask advice on Thaksin’s return to Thailand

Thaksin’s Former Wife Visits Burmese Astrologer – The Irrawaddy, February 14, 2014
…“The political situation is not good in their country, so they wanted to do some yadaya for internal peace and Thaksin’s return to the country,” a source close to the matter told The Irrawaddy on Friday. Yadaya is a form of magic practiced in Burma to ward off evil spirits and weaken one’s enemies. “She also asked about their oil-related business concessions in Burma’s Tanintharyi [Tenasserim] Division…”

Thaksin’s son says Pojaman has never been to Myanmar – Bangkok Post, February 16, 2014
Noppadon denies Pojaman visited astrologer in Myanmar – The Nation, February 15, 2014

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6 Responses to Thaksin’s former wife visits Burmese astrologer to ask advice on Thaksin’s return to Thailand

  1. Wiz says:

    During the meeting with his families and his henchmen including E Photjaman who has paid for the assasin to throw the grenade that kill a beggar writer, red dragon lady who is the mastermind behind the rice pledge scandal, ai Somchai, Big Jass and Khun Pik who loves to use children as human shields, Husband of Ms Pao Sukhothai, Ai Phongthep, Ai phuang of Education, Mr Soem and his angry wife, at Chartrium Hotel Rangoon in Yangon, Burma. During the meeting, Red Dragon lady and Ee Photjaman has quarreled against one another – blaming the other as the reason behind the downfall of Yinglux … at one point, EE Photjaman said either Red Dragon Lady or her will be the body count as she cannot stand living with red dragon lady.

    Photo series: Poor Shinnawatra – Wongsawat – damaphongse -they are still be that superstitious

  2. Wiz says:

    Ai Maew Flying to Burma to make a merit – after astrologer predicting his assassination on 19 Feb 2014 – confirmed by Ai Somchai to do the evil deeds – while ignoring the farmer problems – cartoon by Steff

    During the trip to Yangon, Ai Maew has performed the ceremony to extend the new lease of life and now Ai Maew has no choice but to make a new round by wrecking the board as UDD leaders have to cease much of the activities after the election results have shown not in their favors. Just before the election, UDD men have threatened a civil war to secede from Thailand if there is a coup while trying to show that there is a disunity within Royal family via foreign media as well as UDD propaganda mouthpieces as they have done since the early day of King Prajadhipok as those UDD leaders who are ex CPT men believe that the real democracy they badly want must be without the king and show the full and opened hatredtoward Kingdom of Thailand along with the loyal subjects of His Majesty if they have a chance to do so. With this kind of thinking, those UDD men are either good but stupid men who can be brainwashed or being smart but evil men who keep brainwashing the good but stupid men. Those who are smart and honest men have no place in UDD since they would never let evil men brainwashing them.

    One of many UDD faction which have such a kind of movement are Nor Por Chor headed by Comrade Poon with Ai Moh Weng, Ai Too and Ai Ten as the deputies of mockery .. now, Nor Por Chor faction is a lame duck as many UDD men have become disillusioned with leaders of Nor Por Chor factions after being cheated and betrayed for too long esp after the incident of “ONLY fake farmers are joining PDRC” discourse of Comrade Poon.

    For the case of UDD Hard core like Ai Kwanchai, UDD Chiangmai 51, UDD Lamphun, UDD Northern, and Ai Koh Tee faction, they are good at becing mercenaries – ONLY work when Ai Maew pay. Now, Ai Kwanchai is crippled, so he is no longer able to direct his faction while the rest will be on movement after being paid through PT men and Tomato top brasses including the remnant of Ai Kwanchai’s faction.

    Now, Ai Maew ONLY police farces as the most reliable forces as more than 90% of existing police farces take side with Ai Maew- with the laws on the left hands and rifles with fully loaded ammunition on the right hands, they are thugs in Khaki ready to terrorize people indeed. Even within CPMO, most of the men listen ONLY the direct order of Ai Maew, not Ai Chaloem who is increasingly abandoned due to his loose cannon. Worse, Ai Chaloem has threated to use life weapons such as M79 grenade attacks on PDRC as they have done to Government Complex … However, PDRC do not fear at all – as Army men are going to give the real reprisal in from of “popcorn” if those thugs in Khaki use the live bullets against demonstrators.

    Furthermore, Ai Maew telling his men including Ai Somchai that he has no choice but to let Yinglux meet her own downfall due to growing angry voices of farmers so he can put Ai Somchai in charge to form National Government according to Ai Maew while giving a good reason to bar Demcorat men from participating this kind of fake and puppet national government while keep wrecking havoc on PDRC.

    We just got some more data as shown here:

    1. the information leak from Anti corruption to Ai Maew via Pol Gen Sathaporn Laothong – delayed the case of Yinglux as long as possible.
    2. Ee Photjamarn going to negotiate with Papa Prem, Big Too and even Thepthueak to do anything in Ai Maew favors.
    3. As Yinglux is likely to step down due the heavy load of political burden has reached the break points, Ai Somchai is the new puppet after election is done – Ai Phongthep is just House Speaker and Parliament speaker – in line with the message of Ai Somchai that he want to call for truce and pushing election to be done. This can be changed according to situation
    4. Let Ai Chaloem and his men do the jobs on suppressing PDRC – assigning Big Bhanu Singhara Na Ayutthaya, Big Waraphongse and Big Jazz to do the job while Ai maew promise both Big Bhanu Singhara Na Ayutthaya and Big Jazz to joint the new cabinet of Ai Somchai.
    5. Pushing the election to get all 500 men or at least 95% in the parliament – No need to declare the new decree – just waiting for the outcomes from Constitution Court
    6. If Yinglux has to step down before the end of election, Ai Pueng will be an acting PM
    7. Ai Maew still support UDD men of all faction and all factions must have direct access to him

  3. Wiz says:

    Karmic retribution still haunt Ai Maew as Red Dragon lady quarreling against EE Photjaman on the issue of rice pledges right after the making a merit.
    Ee Phojaman yelling Red Dragon lady that If she is not so greedy on rice pledge to please her Cambodian son in law and PT men with plantation in Cambodia, farmers would not revolt in such an intensity

    Red Dragon lady retorting back that EE Photjaman also gets lots of tribute payments to her favorites in Ministry of Transport (Khun Chatchart) and PTT (Khun Panpree) – without sharing with other men in the clan.

  4. Wiz says:

    the reason why Ai Maew order Ai Chaloem and CPMO to suppress Buddha Issara faction on Maghapucha:
    Ai Meew got the suggestion from Burmese astrologers to suppress PDRC before the noon of Maghapucha to ensure total victory fo Ai maew

  5. Wiz says:

    PT men plotting the assassination of Big Too by lulling him to go down South but it failed – and the reprisal with popcorn ensued

    During the trip to Burma, Ai Maew trying to come and talk with President by sending the letter and waiting for a week and then his request got rejected due to the following reasons to be outraged:

    1. the leak of scandalous sound clip. Ai Maew has insulted the leaders of Burma while looking down upon Tatmadaw as the places with full bunch of primitive and weak generals which can be easily subordinated despite of the fact that many are the war hardened. So, Thai military attaches have sent this sound clip and make Burmese translations by Burmese Army officers who have learnt Thai as they have been a scholarship cadet of CRMA. This has made Burmese people look down upon their leaders even further.

    2. Burmese leaders have shared the same attitudes like the old Burmese Kings and Burmese princes: those corrupt men who are willing to sell out their own nation are so worthless that they are at the lowest level of the low – undeserved to talk with at all.

    After being rejected by President, he comes to talk with Supreme commander and offers the deal that if Yinglux and her PT-UDD men are guilty to the point that they have to step down, he asks Supreme commander to send the Burmese troops to storm Bangkok just like he has hired Khmer mercenaries to storm Bangkok during Bloody May 2010 as the exchange for the free power plant to support Dawei Deep Sea Project + 30 billion Baht FDI from Thai investors, suppressing SSA troops of Chao Yod Suek and other minorities along the border.

    However, Supreme commander rejects the deal. He never – ever – wants to see Thai female leader as the example for Burmese people to wreck havoc on the Male dominated regime while ruining the power base of Tatmadaw. After Ai maew said he would let his sister meet the downfall to be replaced by Ajarn Wisanu or Ai Somchai, Supreme commander still says flatly NO to Ai maew since he never forgives what Ai Maew has told to Big Odd in that scandalous sound clip. This is the real upset for Ai Maew.

    Now, Yinglux is at lame duck – she has promised to pay 130 billion Baht to farmer on 17 Feb 2014 but even just 5 billion Baht from Interbank loan from GSB to BAAC has caused such a strong outrage that people have closed their GSB Bank accounts to the point that 30 billion Baht has been drained out within a single day while many branches are running out of cash – even after offering cashier checks, GSB customers still insist that they want cash – cash is everything – checks are pieces of toilet paper or even worse. ONLY 10 billion Deposits on the same day that keep GSB alive.

    19 Feb 2014 – the civil court will decide whether Emergency decree is legal or not while angry farmers are storming BKK

    21 Feb 2014 – the last day according to Burmese astrologers who tell Ai Maew that Yinglux must enter into the government house by the end of 21 Feb 2014 or the Shinnawatra clan is doomed and need to live in exile for the rest of their lives.

    28 Feb 2014 – the last day for Anti Corruption to decide on the case of rice pledge scandals as they have pledged.

    3 march 2014 – the end of Yignlux government due to the failure to form the government within 30 days after election.and the request to nullify the election results ensued.

    By 15 March 2014, Anti corruption must file the case against 300 MPs and Senators on the issue of amending the constitution to change the composition of Senators

    Now, Uncle Sam have embargoed 50 types of food from Thailand while President Obama declines to come to Thailand in April 2014.

    Even after Ai Pueng asking 50 nations to smear against PDRC while supporting Yinglux government, Xinhua has reported that Chinese government declines to do so … after rejecting the rice deals on the ground of not the real G2G deals along with the cases of tablets from Shenzhen due to the unfair bidding process.

    Indian government gone mad after the order to deport Khun Sathit since he is considered as a trade diplomat of India who has diplomatic immunity.

    Japanese government has condemned rice pledge scandals and the case of shooting the house of Toyota (Thailand) CEO who is a part of venerated institute like Keidanren [one of the most powerful groups which Japanese government MUST Listen].

    EU also report the growing of corruption in Thailand … even Somdej Tia Bun (MoD of Cambodia) said no more Khmer mercenaries for Ai Maew as he lost several men during Bloody May 2010.

    Now, Ai Maew and PT-UDD men have plotted the assassination of Big Too and other top brasses who never really kowtow him as follows:

    1. telling Wadah faction to kill people, ladies, children, senior citizens and monks in 3 Southern provinces as many as possible – and killed manager of Bangkok Bank in Southern province to lull Papa prem (the chairman of the Board of Advisers, Bangkok Bank) and then send photographs along with the letter to mock those Army men to be trapped and being assassinated … However,this plan failed since this is exactly what Ai Maew has tried against Big Bung before which lead to coup of 2006.

    2. Using DJ Uan and UDD men of Chiang Mai and those thugs in Khaki to wreck PDRC stage at Wat Chedi Jed Yod while threatening not to do the activities … but it has backfired as they have burned National flags.

    3. If the judges has invalidated Emergency decree, UDD men will wreck havoc to justify another round of Emergency decree and telling those men of Ai Yongyut the fridge to declare class war agaisnt both Bangkokians, elites, and even His Majesty to secede Northern region and Isan region from Thailand and send the troops to storm BKK and turn into Beirut even though those UDD men will be cut down by UDD snipers before using the bodies of fallen UDD men to smear against HM just like what they have done in Bloody May 2010.

    4. Using UDD men and tomatoes along with the remnant of Khmer mercenaries to confront with PDRC before sending anti riot police to arrest PDRC leader while suppressing PDRC demonstrators.

    They never realize that the fool loves to show that they are smart – the low class loves to show that they are high society ….
    the birds and bats cannot fight against the eagle. So, these plot have been folded in the following manner.

    – Waiting PDRC to wither down case they have bluffed to foreign media? PDRC getting reinvigorated by the stupidities of Ai Chaloem as well as angry farmers.
    – Using police and Ai Tharit to fool the judges, PDRC lawyer teams are quite better than the legal team of DSI even though they did not have to win all the time.
    – Using guerrilla attacks? Getting trashed by empty hands and get some popcorn kernels and popcorn cobs to UDD leaders’ houses and anti monarchy houses as reprisal. -> Sending UDD men, getting reprisal from popcorn warriors
    – Coming to storm at Makhawan and Misakwan? just move out and then return back or getting a pray along with the mysterious phone to Ai CHaloem … and of course the rolling corn popper tanks in car cares
    – When Yinglux trying to come back to the government house, PDRC are waiting for her in thousands.
    – If they extend emergency decree, martial law to suppress police ensued.

    This is the reason why AI Chaloem is doomed even with myriads of Police in Ministry of Labor and CMPO – after getting a phone call that
    “Suppressing people men army men are coming to encircle CMPO and other places within 20 minutes.”

    at 4 PM, Air Force Ground Security now controlling Donmueang to prevent any me of Ai Koh Tee and Ai Keng from being gone too far while Marines and Sailors are controlling around Charansanitwongse and Bang Bon.

    SO many corn popper tanks are around Chaeng Watthana, Government House, Bang Bon, Charanasanitwonse …

    Now, many PDRC can hide within Army barracks if Police are coming … as well as Admin court … and more popcorn have been under spell of Buddha Issara – so PT-UDD men have been cornered and encircled.

    100 cowards cannot be matched with a brave man.

  6. Wiz says:

    Who to believe – Ee Oak (actually Ai Yai Tha Mai) vs Irrawaddy – Ee Photjaman coming to see Ai Maew and asking astrologers to ward off those jinxes – Oil is not for enriching your family

    Battle of the Fortune Teller: Update by Michael Yon

    Many people realize that the attack by the police today against the KPT was initiated by reaction to a fortune teller in Burma. As the story goes, the fortune teller told Prime Minister Yingluck that she must regain her power by entering the Government House to conduct a black magic ceremony. Deadline is midnight tomorrow night, which is about 28 hours from now.

    KPT protestors have been blockading the Government House. After the fortune teller’s advice, the police made an attack today. Result so far is four dead and about 59 wounded. Everyone expects a major battle in the next 12 hours or so.

    Yingluck, according to the story, must go into the Government House, and among her black magic errands, she must go to the top of the House and paint this Pra Prom (Brahma) red. If she fails, she will lose power and her brother can never return to Thailand.

    So the Battle of the Fortune Teller has already begun. I will spend the night with KPT and make regular updates. I checked with leadership at PDRC tonight. If KPT comes under heavy attack, PDRC will reinforce en masse. The farmers also are streaming into Bangkok as tomorrow is the start of their big days, too.

    Tomorrow — everything is on the table. Khun Suthep, leader of the PDRC, insists on non-violent methods. KPT plays by different rules, as do the farmers.

    Nan Nanny Said: The cost of the Burmese fortune teller is around 50,000 Baht or more. I am not sure but have heard around this price.

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