Thaksin’s Foreign Minister

From Manager, August 16, 2011
On the sign: Thailand
Thaksin, hiding behind Foreign Minister Surapong: Stop complaining Ai Ping [referring to Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul]. This is the price to pay for the Foreign Minister post.
[This refers to the criticism that Surapong has faced for the apparent quick moves on Thaksin’s behalf including the request for a Japanese visa.]

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8 Responses to Thaksin’s Foreign Minister

  1. somyos says:

    Thaksin got warm welcome in Japan. Sorry ammat, you can cry your heart out.

    • Tim says:

      Somyos, the media can make anyone look good! Especially if you know who to reward on the side 🙂 Remember, this is a fugitive we are talking about and will pay his way through anything!

  2. Offshore Oilfield says:

    That hoary old myth that Thaksin isn’t amaat.

  3. SurachaiW says:

    The clip above shows Thaksin has no cancer at all, as earlier reported by Thanong Cunthong, the great columnist at the Nation

  4. Offshore Oilfield says:

    Apart from Cancer of the Moral Integrity

  5. Tim says:

    It’s amazing how a little $$ paid to high officials under the table can quickly change concrete verdicts, murders, corruption and even jail sentences for fugitives. This is how this part of the world does everyday business, it’s not pretty and ultimately the general Thai people still suffer and are still poor. This is all about more money which equals to power or power which equals to money! Greed and selfishness would be better words, It’s a Thai thing and a way of life (mentality) don’t be fooled!

  6. Offshore Oilfield says:

    Both Thaksin and his detractors ARE the cancer.

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