Thaksin’s Building a Better Future Foundation gone

Thaksin’s Building a Better Future Foundation gone – January 17, 2011
The website of Thaksin’s “Building a Better Future Foundation” has gone offline. The “Foundation” was one of several overseas lobbying initiatives meant to pressure the Thai government, but very little was ever done with the site.

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2 Responses to Thaksin’s Building a Better Future Foundation gone

  1. Dr Paul Johnson says:

    Dear Mr Thaksin,

    A paradox in healthcare in Thailand. There have been many initiatives in primary care and universal health care in Thailand, some of them by you. Thailand has one of the most innovative Civic health policies -integrative care cycle – (A national secret?) and yet seems not to be taking the logical next step.

    The advent of mobile health -mHealth- is an obvious step in Thailand but no sign that it is being taken? WHO is proposing that there should be community pilot sites in developing countries that have demonstrated health care initiatives – Thailand is a global leader – and should be the natural choice. I am a ‘retired’ clinical scientist from the UK now living in Thailand and have the science and technology back ground to assist. I have advisory positions with EC and WHO. But I cannot yet find the innovator in Thailand.

    I can provide more specific information on how this might be done making maximum use of Thai health initiatives. A new government and health minister is a great opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you

  2. Major Fordson says:

    Also intended for the eyes of the dreaded Doctor Thaksin. I doubt if he ever slums it in such places as this, however. Be very careful who you opt to work FOR Paul. (None of us work WITH here.) Some of those who make the biggest reform noises are absolutely the most corrupt and self-serving. The new Science Minister being a particular case in point. I know nothing about the new Health Minister, but as a Peua Thai he brings with him the legacy of a 30 baht scheme which was only ever intended to build a store-bought power base for those who wish to monopolize everything that moves in Thailand. I can’t see that anything is likely to change, so you might be better off looking for like-minded people outside the mainstream of politics. In

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