Thaksin’s anti-Thailand blog gone quiet?

Thaksin's anti-Thailand blog gone quiet? - October 14, 2010
It's been an unusually long stretch of silence between posts for the English section of the Robert Amsterdam Thailand blog.
For awhile it was not missing a single item of negative news on Thailand--except the enforced disappearances item of which there were several prominent cases during the Thaksin era.
The blog also referenced articles by Giles Ji Ungpakorn and reached a crescendo with posts like "Thailand Approaches Iran’s Model of Repression" and "Europe – Beware of Thailand’s Smile." And then nothing since November 5.
The Thai-language part of the blog is up-to-date (last post on October 13), but the Thai-language side of the site never posted as frequently as the English section.
The sudden lack of posts is odd since both the October 6, 1976 and October 14, 1973 events have often been referenced by Red Shirts as similar to their campaigns to return Thaksin to power. The anti-Russian part of blog is still churning out posts as usual.
Could it be that Thaksin, focused on ensuring Pheu Thai is seen as a reasonable non-revolutionary political party that can be part of a future government, finds it less necessary to try to pummel the government in such an obvious and over-the-top way? Or maybe the blog writers just took a couple weeks off.

Update: October 15 - A new article has just been posted on the Robert Amsterdam Thailand blog.

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