Thaksin will get his revenge


From Manager, September 18, 2016
Devil Thaksin: Before signing… Khun Apiradi, please consider [what will happen] when I return… Don’t forget I’ve not died yet.
On the paper: Minister Apiradi Tantraporn (signed)
Caption: Whenever this will be signed… this devil will always show up.

[Refers to Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn who recently ordered the ministry’s permanent secretary to sign an administrative order demanding compensation from the people involved in the rice pledging scheme under Yingluck’s government.
Top-level politicians in Thailand are untouchable—particularly Thaksin and his family. Orders to issues charges against them or assess fines could only happen under a military government and then only after back-stage negotiations with the Shinawatras have failed.
The permanent secretary who is reticent to order these measures against untouchable people is right to fear the consequences of crossing such a powerful family.]

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