Thaksin will forgive those who ousted him like Japan forgave the US for dropping the atom bomb

Former Thai PM Tells Jakarta He Forgives Those Who Ousted Him –, July 18, 2012
…“I would suggest that everybody in Thailand detach themselves from the past,” said Thaksin, citing an example the way Japan forgave the United States, which dropped atomic bombs on it during World War II, and became a close ally.
“If you learn how to forgive, that is success for reconciliation,” Thaksin said…

Thaksin unclear on return to Thailand – FT, July 18, 2012
…Korn Chatikavanij, deputy leader of Thailand’s opposition Democrat party, questioned the group’s inclusion of Mr Thaksin, telling the FT: “I am assuming the other politicians on that panel were not aware of Thaksin’s participation, as it doesn’t make them look good regarding their own attitudes to corruption; but given that the Thai government is openly controlled by Thaksin … I can almost excuse the organiser’s lapse of judgment. If we ourselves are not committed in our fight against corruption … then we can’t expect others to respect Thailand and its institutions.”

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