Thaksin wasn’t involved

From Naewna, January 25, 2017
Left: The Rolls-Royce bribery year 2547-2548 [year 2004-2005]
Right: Thaksin’s government year 2544-2549 [year 2001-2006]
Caption: I wasn’t involved….I was just a bystander.

[Refers to the Rolls-Royce bribery scandal in which bribes were allegedly paid to Thai government and Thai Airways officials. This appears to be another of the seemingly endless scandals that that happened during Thaksin’s time as prime minister. The cartoon mocks the denials of Thaksin’s spokesmen asserting that Thaksin has never been involved in this sort of impropriety.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now, Ai Maew is in hot water due to the spreading of his photograph with Narcotic kingpin of Laos who has been recently arrested by claiming that this one is doctored photograph

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