Thaksin Wants to Know Who Burned Central World

From Manager, May 21, 2013
Thaksin: Whoever provides the information leading to arrest of an arsonist of the Central World, I will give them a 10 million baht reward.
The Red Shirt crowd says “he ordered,” “you torched,” “you also torched,” “he torched,” “this guy is the arsonist,” and “I remember you did.”

[Refers to Thaksin’s announcement that he would give a reward for information about who burned down Central World in 2010. As the Red Shirt leaders threatened arson during their 2010 protests, protesters showed how buildings nearby their protest site were rigged with gas canisters, and Red Shirt radio in the Northeast broadcast calls for their supporters to burn down provincial halls (which they did), Thaksin’s reward is ridiculed in the cartoon as a way of shifting the blame.]

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4 Responses to Thaksin Wants to Know Who Burned Central World

  1. gert says:

    Everybody I’ve spoken to thinks the military burned down Central World. Its only the yellow camp that keep shouting the Reds did it.
    Why was CW bulldozed as soon as the fire was out and no forensics taken? How could the Reds do it when the military was in control?

  2. Amusing Thailand says:

    Might well be worth pondering Gert just how many watermelons there are are in the military and the police. In which case, **** knows which bunch of cynical manipulating bastards paid for CW to be burned down and to what purpose. It isn’t good enough to swallow the pro-Thaksin anti-Thaksin propaganda. One has to learn to completely distrust everyone in supposed authority in this country. This isn’t a power struggle for better government. It always was, always is and most probably always will be a factional clash of money-grubbing power-seeking poo-yais and their color-coded dupes. That’s the way things work here. Amazing it is NOT!

  3. gert says:

    I agree very much with your sentiments. But you ask to what purpose was CW burned down.
    Well the Abhist government called the demonstrators terrorists and shot them. They had to show some acts of terrorism.
    It is significant that CW and other buildings were torched on the last day of the demo , AFTER 91 people had been killed and thousands wounded.

  4. Amusing Thailand says:

    😉 Let’s just put it this way then, Gert. It was the childish squabble between the Thaksin family and an older elite faction that murdered people at CW. We still can’t really prove either way that he didn’t (or didn’t) find a way to sacrifice the victims in an attempt to promote his own wealth. I’m not even convinced they really know themselves. Idiots have a way of confusing themselves with their own duplicity. What we do clearly know is that they continue to treat the rest of the population as their slaves. Any supposedcharity from such elitists is inevitably only a cynical means of maintaining their welfare state for the rich.

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