Thaksin Wants to Know Who Burned Central World

From Manager, May 21, 2013
Thaksin: Whoever provides the information leading to arrest of an arsonist of the Central World, I will give them a 10 million baht reward.
The Red Shirt crowd says “he ordered,” “you torched,” “you also torched,” “he torched,” “this guy is the arsonist,” and “I remember you did.”

[Refers to Thaksin’s announcement that he would give a reward for information about who burned down Central World in 2010. As the Red Shirt leaders threatened arson during their 2010 protests, protesters showed how buildings nearby their protest site were rigged with gas canisters, and Red Shirt radio in the Northeast broadcast calls for their supporters to burn down provincial halls (which they did), Thaksin’s reward is ridiculed in the cartoon as a way of shifting the blame.]

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