Thaksin Visa Raises Questions in Thailand

Thaksin Visa Raises Questions in Thailand – WSJ, August 19, 2011
…Now, returned to the spotlight by last month’s landslide election victory for his sister and the populist Pheu Thai (For Thais) party, Mr. Thaksin is trying to repair his international reputation, analysts say—but may be doing it and the new government more harm than good.
“Mr. Thaksin wants to show that he’s Thailand’s de facto prime minister,” says Pavin Chachavalpongpun at the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. “But by doing so he’s putting Ms. Yingluck in jeopardy…”

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2 Responses to Thaksin Visa Raises Questions in Thailand

  1. Rayko says:

    It is silly of Thai media to make such a big news over a silly thing as Thaksin going to Japan. 50 Protestors are probably 50 paid PAD people, which probably got 500 baht from Sondhi to stir up violence and problems in Thailand again. Let Thaksin be, after all, the people that made him guilty were paid Anti-Thaksin people. Is it fair to go to a court which are judged by those people?

  2. Offshore Oilfield says:

    So we should cut the delinquent some slack just because he’s rich and makes a huge performance out of extremely dubious (self-motivated) charity.
    Rayko seems to be indicating that it is wrong to expect certain Thai politicians to be law-abiding like the rest of us. Small wonder this country hasn’t made any political progress since the end of the absolute in 1932. What was the best your man ever did for this country? Launch a complete pig’s ear of a cheapskate health scheme that was only ever designed to further his own powergrab. Hand over loads of taxpayer’s money to kamnans and pooyaibans who have a long history of doing nothing for their local communities other than lining their own bank accounts? Make a mockery of his own police career by encouraging off-duty cops to shoot low-rent dealer grunts in the back – thereby making very sure than none of the real big wheels of the business were ever touched? But of course. Like Thaksin, many of these folks have also had a career in uniform. They are Thailand’s untouchables.

    We may not be able to do anything about such parasites as Thaksin and Sondhi, but that most certainly does not mean we have to make excuses for them.

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