Thaksin unfit to speak in US

Thaksin unfit to speak in US - Bangkok Post, December 7, 2010
...While still in power in Thailand before the overthrow of his government by a military coup in September 2006, Thaksin was widely accused of abuse of human rights, of free expression and of good governance. Under his order to cleanse Thailand of illegal drugs in 2003, an estimated 2,600 drug suspects, including many innocent people, fell victim to extra-judicial death squads. 
The Krue Se mosque attack in April 2004, in which 31 suspected Muslim gunmen were killed, and the Tak Bai tragedy in October of the same year, in which 85 Muslims died during a protest, including 78 who suffocated while being trucked to an army barracks in Narathiwat, also took place during Thaksin's premiership.
Press freedom during the Thaksin regime was under severe threat with all government-owned media gagged and commercial media critical of his government being given the choice: bow to the government line or face a crippling advertising boycott from the government and major companies associated with prominent government figures...
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