Thaksin to return… again

From Manager, July 15, 2021
Caption: He whom keeps repeating his dream for decades.

[Refers to former PM Thaksin who recently bragged to his supporters that he would soon return to the country from the entrance gate at the airport.
This implies that he would be able to return without having to serve prison time or otherwise answer for the many legal cases that were brought against him.
On one hand the country seems to be finally grasping an issue–the failure of vaccine management–that will cause mass disaffection against the government. This is in contrast to student protests of the last year that ultimately had little mass appeal. Such a circumstance of widespread dissatisfaction against the government surely excites Thaksin as an opportunity to engineer a return to the country and then to power.
On the other hand, Thaksin’s new boast that he would return has been repeated many times in the past. Politics has moved on in the last decade. There was largely ridicule when Jatuporn was sent to form a neo-Red Shirt movement to take over when student protests dwindled away. Thaksin’s continual tactic of pushing for a charter rewrite is probably seen as activity purely to serve his own political desires to return.]

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