Thaksin: The PM who is in our heart

From Thairath, September 8, 2017
Title: Tie those together for competing [meaning the junta ties up everything so they can control it and here the cartoonist compares the junta’s record to Thaksin’s]
Phi Nooring: Doing good things, people don’t forget.
Mouse: The PM who is in our heart
On Thaksin’s picture: No. 1 in the King Prajadhipok Institute’s poll for 15 years
On military boots: Return the happiness [the junta’s slogan]
On papers from left to right: Independent agencies, barristers, injustice committees, dark power, 250 appointed senators, Article 44 [the part of the charter that allows the junta to exercise absolute power], committee for 20-year national strategy [the junta’s committee to ensure future government will not deviate from national strategy to enact populist schemes or amnesties]

[Also shown is a whistle that was used to protest against Yingluck’s Pheu Thai-led government and a skull to represent those killed during the Red Shirt protests.
This cartoon compares the performances of Thaksin and the junta. While Thaksin received high popularity from the people, the junta has utilized many tactics to cement its control over politics.]

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