Thaksin tells Suthep to stop lying about Samui bombing

Thaksin tells Phra Suthep to stop lying – Thai PBS, April 15, 2015
…Phra Suthep allegedly said at a merit-making ceremony at Wat Railarng temple in Sawi district of Chumphon on April 13 that the unrest situation was believed to link to the former regime which had lost its power.
Phra Suthep was reported to urge people to be prepared and rise against the attempt.
In another tweet, Thaksin wrote “To Phra Suthep, I have stopped long ago, but you still won’t. You said you have ordained in monkhood for nine months now. So don’t just only wear the yellow robe and shave your hair. Get your heart to ordain because you always lie. Or you think wearing yellow robe could stop lying, we know each other pretty well, OK.”

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