Thaksin supporters turn the villages red

Thaksin supporters turn the villages red – FT, February 17, 2012
…The battle for control of Thai politics is now being played out in places like Napo which, along with 16 other communities in the area, is formally declaring itself a “red shirt village”. The status, which must be approved by more than 70 per cent of a village council, brings the entire community into the fold of the red shirt movement, explains Preedee Pantiwa, a co-ordinator of the programme.
Almost 80 per cent of people in the northeastern region of Isan are farmers, the soil is poor and output of rice and other crops is relatively low. Red shirt organisers claim to have 300,000 members in the region of 1.8m people.
“This is a happy day, our lives will improve now we are a red shirt village,” said a woman who gave her name only as Nok…

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