Thaksin still not dead


From Naewna, November 11, 2016
Left, Thaksin’s youngest daughter Ung-ing: Ung-ing congratulates Donald Trump…
Trump: For becoming president?
Right: No. I congratulate you for tweeting the condolence message when my father died.

[This references a recent incident where a fake website posted news of Thaksin’s death. The website was registered on the same day the news was posted, but that did not prevent local media from assuming the site was connected to the Telegraph newspaper and was thus legitimate.
Also posted on the site was a fake tweet from Donald Trump sending his condolences. Thaksin’s youngest daughter Ung-ing replied to the tweet which seemed to indicate she initially believed the tweet (and the fake news story). However, it was soon confirmed Thaksin was still alive.
During times when Thaksin has been trying to maintain a low profile, rumors of his death appear to be purposely circulated to cause Thaksin enter the public mind again when he has to confirm he is alive.
One such incident was during the buildup to the 2010 Red Shirt protests. These were being branded as pro-democracy protests with no direct connection to Thaksin command and control at all. This was done so they would not be linked with the 2009 Red Shirt occupation of Bangkok that was conducted with Thaksin openly cheering on the proceedings. The edicts issued from the Red Shirt stage were also obviously connected to Thaksin’s political goals (including a deadline for the Privy Council to disband and declaring a people’s takeover of politics).
Refuting the rumors in 2010 forced Thaksin into the news during a time when he was trying to remain aloof from the Red Shirt activities in Bangkok.
This time the apparent initial acknowledgment from Thaksin’s daughter of the fake condolence tweet gave credence to longstanding rumors that Thaksin has indeed long been ill and that his family knows this. Most often it rumored he is suffering from a grave prostate-related ailment.
However, such rumors are bandied about as part of political maneuvering and this can almost always be seen in their timing and content.]

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