Thaksin, respect my vote!

From Manager, January 16, 2014
Ake Uttagorn: We voted for your government to run the country… instead, you committed huge corruptions… selected a stupid person to be our premier, manipulating the authority we put in your hands to issue an act to whitewash yourself… [You] don’t respect the voted we cast for you at all………..
Caption: Showing the signs to this one… seems to be more like it.
[Ake Uttagorn is a man who interrupted Democrat Party’s leader, Abhisit Vejjajiva, while the latter was giving a speech at a press conference on Thailand’s reform blueprint at the party’s office on January 8. Mr. Ake showed a sign that read “Respect My Vote” while yelling at Mr. Abhisit. The term was later widely used by the Red Shirt supporters.
Here the cartoonist contends it is Thaksin that has abused the voter’s trust by running a corrupt government and continually attempting to rewrite laws to get himself pardoned.]

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