Thaksin-related places in Bangkok that are a bombing-free zone

From Manager, May 26, 2017
Above, left to right: Baan Chan Song Lah [Thaksin’s residence in Thonburi], Shinawatra building, Pheu Thai office
Bottom, from left to right: Baan Yothinpattana [Yingluck’s house], Rama 9 Hospital, Thailand Beverly Hills [is this a new development beyond Ekkamai?]
Caption: Places in Bangkok that are a bombing-free zone.

[The cartoonist jokes that Thaksin-related buildings and businesses are always off-limits to bombing attacks.
This reflects a skepticism among Thaksin opponents that posits that attacks against the junta, no matter the source, are aimed at helping Thaksin return to power. This is the idea that there is a compromised motive behind those who agitate against the junta or even call for quick elections.]

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