Thaksin: Pheu Thai will drop rewriting the constitution and amnesty bills until “the timing is right”

Exiled Thai Leader Thaksin Signals Sister to Avert Political Crisis – Bloomberg news, September 25, 2012
…Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s ruling Pheu Thai party will probably drop plans to completely rewrite the constitution and amend it section-by-section instead to sidestep challenges that caused previous governments to fall, Thaksin said in an interview in Singapore yesterday. It will also shelve a bill granting a broad amnesty that would include him until “the timing is right,” he said.
…While another coup can’t be ruled out, Thaksin said, it wouldn’t easily succeed.
“If it were to happen again it would not be a quiet coup, no blood,” he said. “It’s because the people are aware. The last coup made their life worse so they know they would not allow it to easily happen again.”

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One Response to Thaksin: Pheu Thai will drop rewriting the constitution and amnesty bills until “the timing is right”

  1. Blennerville says:

    Sounds like cold turkey to me. Doubtless, he will change his mind in a few days anyway – as usual. Thailand is burdened by people who are addicted to extreme risk-taking, who are incapable of either taking real life responsibilities and/or living with the consequences of their own stupidity. We never actually get to see them spill their own blood, however. (One supposes their thinking goes that it is not much good being rich if one has to die before one gets to spend it.) Thaksin is always only too willing to threaten the shedding of other people’s blood – but we will never see anyone in his own family sacrifice anything for the cause. Indeed, what cause? Do we really think this man wants anything remotely approaching a welfare state for the less well-off, when he has already demonstrated his ability to take almost total control of the present-day welfare state for slaveowners?

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