Thaksin: No matter what, “we’re going to win the most seats” after next elections

Interview: Thaksin Shinawatra on Thailand –, April 21, 2016
…WPJ: By whom, who’s appointing the senators?
TS: The junta is doing that. They can appoint any [prime minister] if the parliament includes 200 appointed senators. And also they will have one so-called politburo, which will supervise the government. It means that if the prime minister is going out of the country negotiating trades, they need to get approval from the politburo. It’s exactly like the SPDC [State Peace and Development Council, the official name of military junta that ruled Myanmar from 1988 to 2011]. So this is very backward in terms of democracy and human rights.
WPJ: In a scenario where this proposed constitution does pass or is imposed, what do you think happens in the elections if they go forward in mid-2017?
TS: Well regardless we’re going to win the most seats. But you cannot deliver what you promise to the people, you cannot solve the problem of the country if you’re being controlled by the politburo and appointed senators…

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