Thaksin no longer the hero

From Manager, February 24, 2021
Right, Thaksin thinking: Unexpectedly asked about Tak Bai.
Caption: (If) Lost the memory… do not enter [Meaning something like, “if you have amnesia, better not enter”]

[Thaksin’s periodic appearances in the media are designed to show he is the master of the opposition and the wronged party in Thai politics. However, since the September 2020 rally to commemorate his ouster from power was taken over by students criticizing the monarchy, both Thaksin’s clout and the power of his party have come into question.

Thaksin joined a Clubhouse chat recently, no doubt thinking he would be treated as the elder statesman of anti-government agitation.

However, he was soon taken aback by pointed questions about the Tak Bai incident and his iron-fisted policies in the Thai deep south that led to a great number of killings. He ended up saying he did not recall much of the details from that time and that the south was under the military’s control, but he regretted the situation.

Thaksin also refused to endorse the wide-ranging reforms of the monarchy demanded by student protesters.

At left the cartoonist shows Thaksin as he likes to be presented–a new era businessman who can enter the chaos and create prosperity–but notes that the Clubhouse chat led even his allies to question his mastery of politics in 2021.]

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