Thaksin no longer involved in politics?

From Matichon Weekly, December 8-14, 2017
Inside box at top: Konong [name of cartoonist]
Thaksin: Our family isn’t involved with the politics anymore.
Caption: A word from ‘Pinocchio’

[Refers to Thaksin’s son Panthongtae’s Facebook post saying that his family is not participating in politics anymore. Depending on the interpretation, it is either an assertion or a wish what his family has given up politics.
Panthongtae’s Facebook posts have functioned as an official outlet for Thaksin to commenting on political incidents or send general messages to the public on Thaksin’s behalf. Thus, this recent Facebook post was carefully scrutinized.
Statements from Thaksin that he is giving up politics have been made many times–most often right before a major political push from Thaksin himself.
Thus, this new pronouncement about the Shinawatra family and politics was met with derision and the belief that it means Thaksin is indeed preparing himself for another political battle for power.]

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