Thaksin Moving Fast

Above: Web graphic from 2008 touting Thaksin’s first return to Thailand following the victory of the People Power Party.

The big election win had one message for Thaksin–“you can have it all back on your own terms.” In the shadow of the Pheu Thai victory, there is no other force that can act to check him at this time. This also means any controversial moves on Thaksin’s part are safer made as near as possible to the big election win. That means reshuffles of officials at all levels, bold moves on the constitution, referendums, etc. will be pushed sooner rather than later.

Ploy to bring back Thaksin – The Nation, August 17, 2011
…Many consider that the ruling party is pushing for a charter rewrite with the ulterior motive of discarding Article 309, which sanctions the orders and activities of the 2006 junta, seen as the legal cornerstone for the prosecution and conviction of the former prime minister…

Oil deal: Thaksin to visit Cambodia – The Nation, August 17, 2011

Yingluck evasive on queries about Thaksin – The Nation, August 17, 2011

Thailand’s Economy Survives it All –, August 16, 2011

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