Does Thaksin Employ Lobbyists?

Prayut: Thaksin behind anti-government activity – Bangkok Post, April 21, 2016
…Thaksin supporter and former foreign minister Noppadon Pattama said on Thursday that the former prime minister had not hired any lobbyist in another country to help organise protest activity.
Thaksin was a person of little consequence overseas and could not influence any international organisation or any governments that normally receive reports on the situation in Thailand, he said.

Democrats: Thaksin can’t deny lobbying – Bangkok Post, April 23, 2016
…The Democrats joined the fray on Saturday, with former MP Watchara Petchthong saying data on the Lobbying Disclosure website of the US House of Representatives’ Office of the Clerk clearly indicated Thaksin Thaksin had regularly hired foreign companies from 2006-15 to lobby US officials to react unfavourably to Thailand throughout the years…

Thaksin was noted in past years for his extensive use of lobbyist firms–from the fake organization headed by Ken Adelman created to pressure the post-2006 coup junta to Robert Amsterdam’s advocay on behalf of the Red Shirts.

2007: The USA for Innovation story: Fake lobbying firm headed by Ken Adelman attacks the junta
2007: Baker Botts speaks up for Thaksin

2008: Thaksin’s Foundation

2009: From the Thai-language press: Thaksin hiring foreign press lobbyists
2009: Whatever happened to Thaksin’s “Building a Better Future Foundation”?

2010: Thaksin’s bid to drive a wedge between Bangkok, Washington
2010: More on the International Crisis Group

2011: Thaksin’s Building a Better Future Foundation gone
2011: Amsterdam ‘only in it for the money’

2013: From the ousted Thai PM to fracking company Cuadrilla & Asma al-Assad, PR firm Bell Pottinger represents some of the world’s most notorious clients

2015: Lobbyist Amsterdam breaks with Thaksin, will pursue justice against the junta on his own

Above: From Red Power, February, 2012
Thaksin lobbyist Robert Amsterdam commemorating the dispersal of Red Shirt protesters at the Ratchaprasong intersection

Pages of links on Thaksin’s highest profile lobbyist Robert Amsterdam hired to publicize and advocate the Red Shirt cause

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