Thaksin going to the U.S.

From Manager, December 10, 2010
Thaksin holds a sign that reads: I will go to the U.S.A.
The words in the background reads: Long Live the King
The caption reads: Being afraid that people will not remember [him]

[This references the perception that Thaksin periodically issues attention-grabbing public statements to maintain a high profile in the media. Here, the news of his announced trip to the U.S. to testify about human rights in Thailand came immediately after the King's December 5 birthday celebrations.]

From Thairath, Cartoon by Sia, December 10, 2010
The cartoon headline reads: The real killing that must be told across the world
The skull is saying: Cannot cover [up]
The words on the hooded figure reads: Order crackdown on the people
The words on the two signs: "Ratchaprasong" and "Kok Wua"
Thaksin is at the upper right pointing out to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe the killings of the Red Shirts.

From Thairath, Cartoon by Sia, December 8, 2010
The cartoon caption reads: Obedient to one's orders, follows the orders easily
The words on the hooded figure reads: Order crackdown on the people
The word on the sign reads: Ratchaprasong
The word on the hand reads: Soi Dao Mountain [The hand is the allusion to the Privy Council and royal influence that the Red Shirts allege are behind Thaksin's downfall. Soi Dao Mountain is one of the land encroachment scandals that has dogged members of the Privy Council.]
The words on the sign held by the mouse reads: Reconciliation requires the release of UDD political prisoners

[A hooked-nosed Uncle Sam holds the leash of the hooded figure who stands on the skulls of killed protesters. This probably reflects the realization that the long history of close diplomatic between the Thai and U.S. governments would mean that the U.S. would not allow Thaksin to attack the government by testifying before a U.S. human rights commission.]

From Manager, December 10, 2010
At left, Abhisit says: I used the iPad to send pictures and the schedule of Thaksin's U.S. visit to you. Have you received it?
At left, Obama says: I have received the iPad... and I will forward to the FBI's iPad for you.
The caption reads: Mark and Obama really did talk about the iPad.

[This refers to the telephone conversation between Abhisit and Obama--presumably to ask the U.S. president to intervene and prevent Thaksin from using a U.S. human rights commission to embarrass the government and promote his cause. PM Abhisit later make the rather incredible claim to the press that the conversation with the president had nothing to do with Thaksin, but instead was a discussion about the iPad.]
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