Thaksin gambles on radical wildcards

Thaksin gambles on radical wildcards –, May 12, 2011
…Therdpoum noted that in revolutionary theory a united front (the UDD in this case) gathers up anti-government forces in a display of popular resistance while shadowy fighters (the so-called “Men in Black” who launched grenades and opened fire on security forces) provoke, discombobulate and fracture their opponents. A political party (the Thaksin-controlled Pheu Thai) then moves into the ensuing political vacuum to seize power as the discredited government collapses.
…The UDD, on the other hand, not only failed to distance itself from the vicious “Men in Black” but last year saw several of its leaders boast of violence inflicted against officials or warn of destructive deeds to come. Outspoken UDD leader Jatuporn Prompan, who’s also a Puea Thai party member of parliament, has continued the fiery rhetoric that has effectively redrawn the boundaries of political invective in Thailand. Last month, he made a speech that allegedly tilted against the monarchy, causing a former prime minister and army commander, Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, to resign from the party…

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