Thaksin Found the Right Person

From Manager, October 12, 2012
Thaksin Shinawatra: Poo! I think I found the person with thick skin and who is ignorant enough to any condemnation to replace Yongyuth as party leader.
The caption reads: The Right Qualifications for the Big Boss

[The anchor on TV is Sorayuth Suthassanajinda, owner of the Rai Som company who is accused of embezzling from the Mass Communication Organization of Thailand. The man is called thick-skinned because his denial of any charges and his ability to remain on his position on the air despite the controversy.
Yongyuth as mentioned by Thaksin is former Pheu Thai Party’s leader, who is also former Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister. Pheu Thai officials as well as cabinet members have been derided for having to publicly defend obviously false positions such as that Thaksin has no involvement in the party and does not choose cabinet members.]

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