Thaksin dissatisfaction

Fugitive ex-Thai PM denounces ‘crazy’ constitution plan – FT, February 21, 2016
…He added: “I don’t [say] that this junta will not last long,” he said. “But any regime that [does] not respect the people will not last long. No one respects North Korea, namely…”

Thailand’s Former Leader Thaksin Shinawatra Says Junta’s Election Plans Are a Charade – WSJ, February 21, 2016
…“Please don’t be paranoid. Please don’t fear that I’ll come looking for revenge,” said Mr. Thaksin, addressing the current government. “I’m not looking for any conditions to help myself. But if you have a real intention to move the country forward, if you intend to return dignity to the Thai people, then please come to talk…”

Thaksin better stay out of the charter debate – The Nation, February 22, 2016
…As a recap of what Thaksin did, he still kept control of his telecom empire through his young son, let his wife buy a potentially lucrative piece of state-auctioned land, delayed the setting up of an independent body to liberate the telecom industry and formed a ministry that, among its first tasks, saw to it that telecom firms did not lose profits following liberalisation. And ever since he was ousted from power, he has led a campaign to discredit the anti-graft mechanism introduced and advocated by the 1997 constitution…

Poll ‘charade’, says Thaksin – Bangkok Post, February 22, 2016
…National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) spokesman Col Winthai Suvari declined to comment Sunday. But an NCPO source said the moves by Thaksin and Ms Yingluck show they are struggling to maintain their diminishing influence in Thai politics.
The source said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha would not accept the proposed talks as he maintains Thaksin must return to Thailand for court sentencing in his conflict of interest case. Indirect talks have been held with Thaksin asking him to support the NCPO’s political roadmap which he has not done, the source said…

Earlier: Thailand’s Former Leaders Raise Pressure on Ruling Junta – WSJ, February 10, 2016

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